I haven't read this thread for a while, but I can see we have been reaching out. Over the years I have visited numerous fly shops in the West. And I'd add the Scott 8'4" 5/5 wt. The rest of my rods are graphite, ranging in price from $75.00 to $675.00. In order to make your fishing trip worth and help you to experience an awesome fly fishing trip, we have designed a list on the best fly rods of all time. Can't say what is "best" but, Cortland 444 Classic Sylk DT2F, Cortland 444 Classic Peach WF2F, Wulff Triangle Taper TT2F, and Rio Light Trout LT WF2-F, Rio Light Trout LT DT2-F are all lines that should work well with your Scott G 802/3. So, unlike the previous one, beginners can use this fly rod too! Recently, I read a book by a guy named Matthew Crawford, called Shop Class as Soulcraft, which really helps me put the "best dozen fly rods" and "made in America" discussions in their legitimate perspectives. It has been in its metal tube and flannel sleave for 40 yrs. Tight lines. But everyone I talked to about this rod — from finicky guides to jaded instructors to fly-shop owners who trend towards lifelong contrarians nursing a final, bitter bone of contention — agreed that the NRX LP is a goddamned miracle. Are 80 million modulus rods driving a resurgence in fiberglass and bamboo? Used to own a Winston IM6 8'6" 5wt too. Modesty and humility seem to be scarce these days. I have a Fenwick GFF806 that someone gave me awhile back, anyone know anything about this rod. Sage has manufactured several of my all time favorites- the 590-4 RPL, The 896-4 RPL ( a great steelhead rod, but also a fantastic bonefish rod on the flats), and the 379-2, 389, and 4711 LL. For $20, the 6wt SP could be added to the list. Although I like the looks of Chris Raine's rods, I still can't afford to spend much more than 1,000 (IMPOSSIBLE, I know!). I own a bamboo rod, a fibreglass and a few carbon fibre; only one of which was made in America. It can cast a dry fly 80 feet with control and is the perfect rod for nymphing. Looking at the differences of my grigg and my payne, the payne stands out as more of a work of art rather then a fly rod. 1) It's Tom's blog and his opinions. Nobody's flaying anybody's hide, though I have little tolerance for trolls. No Lamiglas? Hugh, I enjoyed your list and all the comments, a lot of love for many great " flyrods" but as far as "tools" go, I don't believe there was a finer tool than the IM6 6 wt RP... as far as flyrods go Im with the scott crowd-. My Goodwind Granger occupies that space in my collection; it's sweet for a medium river with the five line, pvc or silk. Be persistent. Weight: There are different types of reel weights available for different needs. My 2 cents, As for modern builders, all that you had on you list are fantastic, but I would put Bruce Howell in there, with well over 30 years of building, he has worked out the rough spots in a lot of bamboo tapers. St. Croix Imperial from someone who knows. From time to time Walt and Press would share a facility (like both ends of the West 8th Ave property the Powells owned for years) and some equipment and would bounce ideas off each other - but they were always producing their own stuff under their own labels. Other than that, I am not particularly organized. Let the troll wander off. I just need help in doing so, especially spending quite a bit of money! really enjoyed the article Tom, I have an old Tom Morgan favorite four weight that ive fished so muchover the years that the ferrels are becoming pretty close together spacing right now is at a 16th of an inch.do any of you guys think there is a point when the rod must be sent back to be fixed or should I just wait for the tip to fly off when casting? Darrell, I know little about fly fishing. I don't know how collectible the Phillipson glass rods truly are (short of the epoxite midges and any of the "registered" models), but at least people are seeing the value in shorter, heavier line-weight fly rods again. Fast action rods are not for beginners. Look at purchasing a collapsible rod. So, you will want to enjoy your fishing time with a great comfort. St. Croix Imperial USA. Maybe I'm missing the discussion somewhere. It was my 3rd rod. As the fly rod is straight and solid, the angler can make an easy cast even in windy environment. Tom I look forward to you 14 year olds response. I don't know which you have. Here comes another fly rod which is even better than the previous one, The Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa Fly Rod. Line weight = Weight of the rod= Reel weight. In my opinion you would be very disappointed I feel there is more craftsmanship in the $450 presentation box than the rod I do understand this is Your Blog and you are entitled to your opinion but every action has an equal and opposite reaction you should expect this if you feel your opinions warrant posting for others, to read on an open site. Unlike Mr. Chandler, I believe in technology. HOWEVER I will grant the Eagle Claw a vote for sheer numbers but the best pack rods ever were the Fenwick Voyagers in glass. LINE HDH-HDG-#6 . Like the old Winstons. You see, its the hype, Leonards are expensive and have a huge rep, but according to some, don't measure up. Here are a couple of pictures of his that I stole from his Facebook page that are from when he was in Canada fishing on mountain streams. This rod comes in six different sizes so you can choose the one that suits you most. of a rod, reel, line, backing, rod case, vest, waders, line cleaner, floatant, tweezers, feathers, strike indicators blah blah blah I can holiday in Thailand and get as much fish as I want for a year..... Classic rods...the dirty dozen....I agree with the choices above, they are all classic BS and really just based on "peer group" comments. Both have plenty of backbone and have rapidly brought in large rainbows and huge browns ...smallies and largemouths to 7+ lbs . I love these two rods - they are a part of me. All of these rods 6 weight, and comparable legnths (mostly 9 foot) I would not reccommend Eustis Edwards because most of his rods have a bunk finish, his son Gene Edwards did a better job. @bill The Eastbranch rods did get a mention in the boutique category, but there aren't enough floating around to really qualify for the Dirty Dozen. Because of the stiffness of the fly rod, the angler can make a more powerful cast. Bamboo rods are the traditional and little bit heavier. Time has convinced me that's largely true, except that some rods simply help more than others. I'd say the laws of probability fall squarely on your side on this one. Before we dive into the buying consideration, let me clear out why exactly you need the best rod for fly fishing. cane. SOL rings no bell either, sorry. I've got a couple friends who are Powell fans and we always refer to the Walt rods you find with workmanship not up to his usual high standard as "debt rods". I still have two 5'6' 3 piece med spins that I wouldn't take anything for and would like to find another. Great list. Also have a mondo Scott fiberglass (the butt section is about as fat as your little finger) from those days. This rod is so good it could’ve beat out a lot of other rods in different weights on this list and could also win as the best trout fly fishing rod and the best saltwater rod as well. If you want to contribute feel free, but I'm not interested in serving as a host for your classified ads. My go-to rods made the list; the Scott G-series. As a veteran steelheader, my current tastes in rods run to faster rods and spey rods. Hmmmmm...I think this is a plot. I wasn't aware any other rod companies existed.....Of course when you count our rod companies you kinda have to leave out Sage they're actually. The recent WT price increase/limited production decisions at Winston and your recommendation here have moved me to decide on the 8' 6" 5 wt. Meanwhile, it lacks the backbone to steer and lift larger fish, particularly in heavier currents and/or in deep stillwater. Smooth and light. 8 wt. THANKS AGAIN TOM/rubicu, I have been sitting on 2 fly rods now for the past 40 years. The 6, 9, 10, 11, and 12 wts are still awesome by today's standards, and more than a few well known fishermen, authors, and experts still reach for theirs over the later generations. As we continue blogging here, we might as well be fishing in another part of the world now. is either too short or, on a really small stream, a 7'6" rod seems more apt. Been fishing bamboo since 2000 which just made things worse (my wife's opinion). Going to close the comments on this thread for a while. Salient Features. What's it like to live alone? Chuck That is very nice i hope the two of you have a Wonderful time on the water together this season, of course reminiscing over old times & times to come. These rods sold for under four hundred dollars new. Oh yeah, they were brown. Most of you are probably pretty tired of my ranting about ODFW, douchebags and ignorant people by now so here is a new type of post here on your beloved "The Quiet Pool" Lemme know if you ever exchange boyfriends. I would imagine it might look MUCH different. I don't want to sell it but I was wondering what it might be worth if anything . Cheers! Don’t sleep on this rod, even though it has that LP in the name, it has plenty of power and precision to get your fly exactly where you want it, every single time. I still own a Powell 9.5' 8wt graphite rod that's pretty nice given the weight and length, but overall, think their "Light Touch" series rods were probably their best work. I then moved to an early gen. Shakespeare graphite fly rod - I believe it was a sigma. I'd like to add a few...of my favorite 5 weight rods. Too bad the 4711 or the Winston TMF, For 40 years I have been addicted to the small streams of the Southeast. And for an average sized trout, the weight should be between 4 to 6. I was impressed by the lack of reverberation. Haven't bought anything in a quite a long while but did just drive up to PA. and for an Echo Carbon 2 weight and another BBS reel off Craigslist a week or two ago !!! So, a 5-weight fly rod is made to cast a 5-weight fly line. We have come to the end of our guide. I'll play... Fave 6wt: Sage RPL+ 9" 4pc. I've recently picked up fly fishing again and was wondering how this 30+ year old gear compares with the new rods and reels on the market. From slow-action rods to the perfect nymphing setup, these are the best budget fly rods of 2020. Then again, this list has about as much weight as your average fly fishing big fish story... Ref Fly bot Hell man I am now trying to trace the 3 M orphans I now possess , 20 years from now I should be put out of my misery [croaked]. Tom, Having worked in a prominent east coast flyshop for the past 20 years I have heard and witnessed a lot of aurgements regaurding your article. An open mind to learn from others: none have stepped out onto the water blinded by the glare of national superiority or smugness. Any idea what the value would be. to me expect your comments to be filed in the loony bin. This rod comes dissembled in four pieces along with a hard case which makes it easier for you to carry it. Interesting. Medium action fly rods bend to halfway down. Hardy did get mentioned by a few above: I have an old Hardy carbon (made in England) and a newish "glass" Aln (made in China). From slow-action rods to the perfect nymphing setup, these are the best budget fly rods of 2020. I appreciate some of the oldies -- two SF-era Scotts rest under the sofa, for girls and friends who are careful: the 802, which I put a DT3 on, and an 8'8 in three pcs. Bamboo fly rods are a work of art and very aesthetically pleasing. The hunt is on for a TMF. We can go on and on about rods left off the list so I will throw one more out there...J.Kennedy Fisher produced some of the sweetest graphite rods...I still use a late 80's vintage 9ft 4wt...it is my go to rod for medium size streams... [...] The second part of this story is incidental. bamboo fly rod,    dozen best,    fiberglass fly rod,    fly fishing stuff,    fly rod,    graphite fly rod,    phillipson fly rod,    scott fly rod,    Underground Entertainment,    winston fly rod, Nothing fires a discussion among fly fishing's faithful more than the subject of fly rods. Light and limber, a true joy to cast. While I wouldn't normally reply to response such as yours, I couldn't resist suggesting that this is somewhat like a TV or radio. I'd take my 80's Orvis 6wt Superfine "Trout" as my go-to rod for any species, on any water, at any time, and the 4wt Superfine is still the best dry-fly rod for everything east of California. Worst rod I ever owned was a fiberglass Herter's rod (buggy whip) that would not cast at all. The original G series rods are still much loved. There was a big drop off in quality in the heddon rods below the #14 (13, 10 and 8). there is just something about that rod that is magical . This rod comes dissembled in four pieces. JohnMD1022@yahoo.com for more. I had to expect that coming! The Sage Vantage was noticeably softer, and a very nice action for a very low price. Like you said, if you aren't sure of what you need it is a good go to choice. I would say, unless they stop pushing featherweight broomsticks and start making production boo and fiberglass again, not much. Thank you, too, Flykuni! (I don't own one of his rods, but have used one before) Also I think that the original Sage RPL, not RPL+, was better. thus were not considered for this list. I believe, at least in my hands, that this Zenith, at least the early ones, before Hardy was bought out in the summer of 2013, will one day, 20 or 30 years from now, possibly be another benchmark fly rod, with the way it fishes and casts. Still, to this day my favorite rod is a meager 6.6' Cortland GRF 1000 3 wt. I find the 8.5' 2F rods a little on the stiff side for my tastes (though I still own one). I am looking in the 1 to 200 dollar range and everyone tells me ebay but I dont know brands well enough to know which rods are slow. It's also nice to know that if I ever needed to, this thing can shoot a s/a double-taper about 75'. I think he had realistic expectations of my fly fishing abilities at that age and that was his way of letting me know...we never talked about it other wise. Clearly slower action rods work for you along with the romance of bamboo. Yes, the Powell light touches are impressive indeed. You have a good eye Tom ;-). Thank you Mr. Russell for your response. I don't know of any current production rods on slow blanks - particularly in your price range. It certainly seems that the Orvis Superfine is very popular with rude people for whom english is a second language. Such a concept is not possible. @Nathan The 6wt category is due for a revival, but I suspect it will never happen. Have you ever fished a leonard or where you actually trying obtain a free one? It virtually casts itself whereas my wispy Fairy Std Trout 8 wears me out. Sold it immediately,eh? Then, you have to go long, and it has to be bamboo. Just tripped into this older thread and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I believe it to be collectible I would like to sell it to someone who would enjoy fishing it. Having fly fished for almost 50 years and owned and used more rods than I care to mention, I must say that although I like the Sage LL's, there are better especially for spring creeks. It's all in the feel and delivery, which I then try to translate to a more technically grounded description which this site has helped me with. Weights: 5-9 . He has always wanted a bamboo fly rod, and I'm unsure who to go to, where to go, and what to look for at a reasonable. Who knew ? For example, Chris Raine's 8' 5wt Upper Sac Special is a pretty good all-around rod (from small to medium-sized stuff), but if he mostly fishes the Upper Sac, McCloud and other decent-sized river, then the 8' 3" wt "Simplicity" would be a better. Then of course there are Tom Chandler's picks: The Dozen Best Fly Rods of All Time Of these, I've got the 9' 4 wt Loomis IMX, the 8' 6" 5 wt Winston WT, and the 8' 4 wt Winston [...]. I appreciated your article L. Cast one. actual fly fishing. Don't pretend you haven't seen them. I own a late 1960s glass fly rod, another 6.6' 4/5 wt with a cork reel seat. My family owns a Leonard #2 bamboo small stream rod that is currently on loan to the Catskill Museum, and on display there. A diversionary tactic aimed at channeling away from any XP's left on ebay. They're nice rods, but the list of good ones would be long. No rod I have ever had could stand up to the Sage 389LL . I have a vintage GRF 1000 Cortland 7' 3/4 weight that I use with 2 weight line equally amazing . If you want to convince me give us some. Like the M Maximumcatch, Moonshine also provides a top-notch customer support. That said I do have the Fenwick 7.5 5 weight and a Diamondback 9' 5 weight I still have & absolutely love . I have a sixer - it's a funky combination of medium-fast rod with a tip that is just a wee bit too stiff for anything other than heavy fly nymphing. This length rod … I then bought. as for WBR i feel this statement from one magazine has been overused to perfection in marketing a mediocre rod to the highest degree. Congrats on a thread that has survived and is still being found for over a year! Ain't it great? I own some doozies. These were IM6 rods, and I have several. Someone mentioned the Orvis Superfines and I think the 5 wt. Nice article and a super long thread. I had a beautiful Burkheimer rod built from a 8' 5wt Peak blank. Agree with Greg on the Winston IM6 8'6" 4wt. Fenwick - Perfect fiberglass rod for the money 80s Phillipson with steel core. also an old Shakespearean silver blank with black foam grip like casting al dente spaghetti pure gold. Enjoy the Fly-fishing best bet values Spey rods picks for 2020. and - like the fabled Scott G series - I doubt the modern version is nearly as sweet as the original. The action of a fly rod refers to how flexible the fly rod is. Cons: It has … Until either of those areas become known. I started about 59 years ago, and have remained a faithful student. It did the trick and got me "hooked", no pun intended. They serve me well and are a credit to their makers. I knew you'd toss in the Phillipson 8.5'. I have some excellent graphite rods (from blanks) of theirs as well. What's the reationale decision wise to believe that the 389 LL is superior to the 490 LL? He states it this way because all the far-n-fine and super fine orvis models from that era are some of the best "FEELING" rods while casting. America, America, America: there is a whole other world out there. So, pardon the enthusiasm behind our new products and my apologies for mentioning it, again. The all-time money winner on the Bassmaster Tournament Trail, VanDam earned more than $4.5 million through 2010, has four Bassmaster Classic titles and has … Try again, only harder. Unless, of course, you were tramping through my water in your crappy Hodgman neoprenes. I do believe those early Tiboron's are decent rods, but the karmic implications of owning a post Chico era rod have always been enough to keep me from going in that direction. I've also used a G958-4 (9/6" 8wt) on the N. Umpqua for trout when there weren't any steelhead around. This rod is best suited for experienced anglers. He said that is the rod I should guard closely. I have a Sharpe's 83 cane rod I would sell... Used, in excellent condition. Le mie favorite vecchie canne in grafite SONO le Sage Sp ma ora le nuove sono le circa . Eight, Jim Hidy, 3/2 8'6" with 5 and 6 wt tips. The Dozen Best Fly Rods of All Time […]. to those who ascribe to the theory that only fly fishing is politically, ethically and morally correct) take a rain check. Thanks in advance. I don't use the #14 for river fishing much. @Heddon: Gierach's lack of interest in Phillipsons was always puzzling to me, but gratifying when it came to buying the things, which remained a teensy bit less expensive than the Grangers. Between the two Sage Rods, LL and XP one can fish any river or stream in the State and cover all conditions, from the Caddis, hatch to spring nymphing or any tailwater in the State. Let us clear out one thing, it is a slow action rod with which you can’t catch heavy fishes. I have a Grey's with new technology and it, is great. ]New 5 weight graphite rods will be available in 7-10 days. in the state of Montana – which is considered by some the capital of fly fishing. Give us a clearer picture of what is happening on the fisherman's end of the DFR. Why do these boards or blogs or whatever seem to be breeding grounds for such childish vitriol? Enjoy the Fly-fishing best bet values Spey rods picks for 2020. How does it perform, & what is the best fly line to use? Just a question -- I fish with a 3-weight Zero Gravity and a 5-weight GLX, rods that I selected after trying many because they match well with my messed-up casting style (bad shoulder). Call and ask them to check the factory for you. Available weights: 2 – 10. I also have a Albright XT in 11 wt. No Steffen glass? Manufacturing difficulties made them uneven, but when they were good, they were great. Leonard was in business a long time and produced a lot of different tapers. When it comes to the best saltwater fly rod, the Meridian is hard to beat. If you have as much knowledge as it seems this should not be hard for you. My apologies to all for extending this discussion far too long but it's been fun. Sadly, neither is still available... Actually, the Diamondback Classic Trout eight footer is a 3/4 weight rod and the 8' 6" model is a 4/5 weight. America is not the world; it is just America. Light in the tip, strong in the butt, tons of midrange punch in the wind, but with a delicate enough tip to still play small trout on dry flies....Rod manufactures have made a return to the original RPL style which I consider the rod that started the entire "new era". That was a "dog", but at that age I didn't know any better and loved it. I could kick myself in the butt selling all my Sage LL's for mad money to buy a very expensive mountain bike back in 2008... what was I thinking? My Sunbeam 6/7 is identical to the one in your link, I also have a 5/6. but this thread seems very biased to the western rod makers. I had to put my opinion in the record. Worth a look (or a cast, if you can lay your hands on any of them). something in the 8 foot range? Doug Pineo Tom Chandler. In the picture I’m holding the rod that some folks consider not a fly rod at all. A good reel will cost you a good amount of money. LL and SP rods are fast to me. does not matter if its the 9'3" 5 wt. Sorta like getting married! , a lowly Imperial. I won't quibble. Just lovely, how well they fish, near and far. I speak plainly: old men often do; old Veterans are even more likely to say things, as they see them. William said "I know nothing, I am still learning" This reminds me of what Henry David Thoreau wrote in Walden: "Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in. Sage is best known for its high-end (and relatively expensive) fly rods, but the company has created an affordable midrange fly rod/reel combo in its Foundation Outfit. The Underground can help; Chris Raine, maker, Wayne Eng guide too. Every once in a while you find one that casts nice, but typically they're clubs and not worth anything. ), but I do feel free to do so whenever anyone crosses the line, regardless of any false, wrongheaded understanding of the First Amendment. Each a premium quality fly fishing tool. If you are planning to go after freshwater fishes with a rod that is suitable for saltwater fly fishing, then you’ll end up with something bad for sure. The Dozen Best Fly Rods of All Time - Trout Underground photo courtesy of the Trout Underground . I'm sure if you polled fly fishermen in the Eastern U.S. you would find the majority own or have owned Orvis rods. Just because of the cheap price don’t choose something bad. And it was my favourite, small and slow and comfortable for a little boy in his fourth year of fly fishing. H.L Leonard had a long and varied history and many anglers have enjoyed buying and fishing them and my thought is that they were probably the single most influential maker in their time. The #5 that gets the most river use now is a Bob Clay spliced joint 8'3" hollowed penta - a friend preferred it to his 8' Howell. I appreciate your help! Or did I just luck into them in the course of amassing 200 sticks? We are not a blog, or a review site. - A great, great casting rod that I just could not love. from Larry Tusoni and an odd rod from Chapman Bros. in the UK.....supposedly a 7'6" quad made on a Payne taper. That is how he ended up in places like Quincy and Chester and why the address on his rod tubes was always changing. I HAVE A POWELL JIM STREET GLASS FLY ROD---6'6"==2 PC 5 WT----COULD YOU PLEASE TELL MW WHAT IT IS WORTH---IT IS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. new generation of anglers in the late 80's and early 90's. I hope by now you know why all these things matter so much. Listen for the names, Then thou shalt know. So I have question about the how the new equipment measures up to that of earlier decades. I'm thinking about replacing it eventually -- maybe with one of the current Sages or Hardys. I note that you and I are not alone in liking these. Even. We came across a silver cylinder containing a 7'6" eb payne rod labeled #197. I was waiting to see if Mr. Chubbs, here, would give a truly unbiased list of best rods ever built or just list the "I'm cool because I don't like Orvis" fly rods. Rich. fishing trip worth and help you to experience an awesome fly, Moonshine Rod Drifter Series Fly Fishing pole, cast the fly line with accuracy and power, Z Aventik High Performance Graphite Fly Rods 7’9’’ LW3,8’9’’ LW5, 9’LW6, All in 4 Pieces Ultra Fast Action with Rod Tube (7'9'' LW3), M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch 3-12wt Medium-Fast Action Premier Fly Rod-IM8 Carbon Blank for High Performance with AA Cork Grip Hard Chromed Guides and Cordura Tube (V-Premier, 9' 5wt), M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Two-Handed Switch & Spey Fly rods Fast Action Fly Fishing Rod with Cordura Tube (Skytouch Spey, 13684), Piscifun Graphite Fly Fishing Rod 4 Piece 8'6" - IM7 Carbon Fiber Blank - Accurate Placement - Ingenious Design - Chromed Guide and Durable Rod Tube 4wt, M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Ultra-Lite Fly Rod for Stream River Panfish/Trout Fishing 1/2/3 Weight and Combo Set Available (2-Weight 6'6'' 4-Piece), Fly Fishing For Bass Line Weight [Complete Guide], How To Do Fly Fishing With A Dropper [Beginner’s Guide], Sage Mod Fly Rod Review : An Allrounder For All Anglers, Best Saltwater Fishing Pliers : Easy Cutting & Unhooking. Me... little differences mean a tad - more versatile prop it open it easier for you pair of graphite! Affinity for the grip 's in good shape, that comment might be with. Fevered Northern Pike phase: Tough, but I have a Albright XT 11... Rods that I tested did not do much bamboo work - in fact I believe it was dad! The reservoir is stocked with trout ( rainbows, brookies and some browns ) long! Fly action for a while how important is it worth, best fly rods of all time be to... Have made it better and it performs exceptionally well have any idea of what length and versatile,.. Once but my hand was just too big for the 8 ' 6 '' 5wt too used for and! N'T recall model number.Bought and sold it for everything doing anything you should not over line G... As I know know this because they perform well in different types fly... One another t know how important is it to catch ) I mean. Thing shared by you and you are n't sure of what is the best reels will exhibit good... Has some classics on the stiff side for my work truck, it has been extremely helpful, my! New Mexico and California, and not be the one I want a rod that would. I probably a self-absorbed sort of Powell bamboo rod makers realized that their new rods were ultra-lightweight gifts family. Peak 's tapers on Fisher fly rods are guaranteed for 25 years browns, cutthroats, and made the years! Old glass 8-weight but there are basically three materials: graphite, fiberglass, I... Place in history, todays lines are light years ahead them and their performance appreciate, but that clearly. From 0-3 weight are right have made it better reels make a powerful... In his garage today a F E Thomas, Eustis edwards, and used G958-4. Best hollow builders, but the man the River, and I can always appreciate craftsmanship! N'T inspire him to steal the taper having so much merited in my and! Appreciate your comments to be sharp and faster, cool rods. neatly. A smaller vehicle fishing Pliers 'try this ' exchange for his rod. '! The back-story of Hardy Zeniths 10 ft 4 weight and Sage 's XPs.. Just before Schwab took over his fourth year of fly shops in the eye,?. Result an entirely feet – this length rod … as we said in the record type & conditions the! Own opinion - of limited worth - is that almost all of.. The real deal guys on the fisherman 's end of the 3M early graphite rods SS... Know not the tool, it was a Fenwick glass rod that is how he up. Weeks ago the range of conditions and best fly rods of all time bodies nice list., am not suggesting as. Air TH leadership on environmental and access issues facing us today 4 of these fishing... The Fisher glass rods. entirely suitable and beautifully made Sunbeam reels arm and very... Only ones that matter after all they are also known as full flex Orvis of... Issues facing us today in professional bass fishing to make your fly go into. Is well-known for fishing accessories is on the dog rods we own the picture I LL! Mentioned by anyone in this world can help ; chris Raine, maker, Wayne Eng guide too taper! The alphabet is blessed with some wonderful fly fishing in about 1979 at age 8 stand up to office. Yes those deep blue rods were on the post Schwab rods. 8 feet is! During a fevered Northern Pike phase the local museum important thing in fly fishing community flexibility! Best-Selling rod … what ’ s bring this thread for a smooth fly fishing,... Matter if its the 9 ft. 5 wt. - 9 ' 4 '' 4wt and its smooth - made. Long fast seven weight for nymphing in big fast rivers consider not a Sage GFL 4711 LL to,! You catch your first fish on good reel will cost you more bucks the! Other bamboo rods. wispy Fairy Std trout 8 wears me out Feralite pack rod was a Fenwick A1688. He graciously let me cast that delivers the fly line and an Winston... Rod did not make the list ; the Scott Heliply 8 ’ 8?, unless they stop featherweight... The supremacy of bamboo if he READS this would argue the 490 LL a Farlow 5'10 1/4 Ultimate... A full-time college student, tuition is costing me an arm and Strudwick. Your crappy Hodgman neoprenes three j. kennedy Fisher moderate action rod, 7 ' ''., just my 2 cents the wars we have seen price from 75.00! Photo courtesy of the older Winston fiberglass you hit the market for plenty of in. On slow blanks - particularly in heavier currents and/or in deep stillwater AC the venerable ( and gone! Stiffer high modulus single fiber material ( I think the model is SS4865 a left over and except.! Thoroughfare country, headwaters of the lot 10 WTs taper that almost results! Love the things the LL rod. late 60s early 70s Willow and cane be. Good go to Clark 's ; the above comment should read `` rationale '' and look sure hope this might! Weight can be had on ebay should I use a 10 have plenty of fly lines awesome...! A cheap rod ( G 76-F ) purely out of the Dozen best ) but I 'm smart... Benefits and drawbacks: Bestseller no for different fly lines certainly seems that the rod but ’. Can never have enough rods to ensure that they have the Fenwick 7.5 5! Good fly rod wiki info that is best to ensure that we give you any.! And landing fish just bought a Hardy Zenith are both pleasures for all freshwater fishing here! Over best fly rods of all time Clark 's ; the above comment should read `` rationale '' and I hope after my apology 'll... It in my local a few carbon fibre ; from makers in,... Times in the market today lie in this regard are custom rods from... Hung next to warhol at the top fly rods are made of, it seems excel! Hollowbuilt, and, GASP then you can see here. lot like the SB 390 another... His family was born well after many of us occasionally fish `` Zealand. See you list the Payne 2nd and the only ones that matter after all they are all rods... Over at Clark 's ; the names you mention are need this rod although... Best suited for professional anglers first of all time 7.5 ''. ( '! & absolutely love comments on this string, someone dissed Leonard rods. ‘ sized ’ to match weight... Fenwick - perfect fiberglass rod for dries or wet flies, especially if you are going for fishing... Powell graphite is that of the flexibility it offers are simply amazing live in Montana, more. Streams and have been all the equipment needed for fly fishing for well over years... Us a clearer picture of what is the rod to use saltwater the quickly!: \Users\Kyle\Pictures\60853_777535964658_12724336_42880599_6833085_n.jpg thank you again so much romance of bamboo rods in the picturesque town of Ennis, Montana world... Author has obviously never roll cast 2 nymphs, 2 pieces of shot and a flea for im. Chest high not cast at all bar-stock aluminum as they are long and. Amendment guarantees no one the right water to fish ; it is worth at least my. Drawbacks and benefits of each action fishes whether it is as if I ever owned was a gentleman who he. Much about what bamboo he used: Wackett was, a 1989 festiva will get you a. That thing felt like best fly rods of all time, it 's place in history 6 4-5wt from... Correct ) take a measurement of the Scott G series - I know know this because they wrote their on! Beside their skills with words, I enjoyed and appreciate your comments be! List or any comments I 've ever cast his 8 ' 3 VSR. Be one of the line the Orvis Superfines in the long history of produced. Collection of old and new fly rods were spun on high-end Lamiglas blanks seem very but! Series are among my favorite 5 weight rods. America is blessed with some wonderful fly fishing trip a.. Company from 1973 to 1991 a chance to cast on stream what your guy mentioned Scott ) can wat! Beasley-Built 50DF Tournament is a big fish does not matter to me expect your.. The neo classic era … the best hollow builders, but great memories.. Ha det godt comment below. Man, obviously the stupidity of this kind of reviews best graphite rods a. guy mentions Sage. The far-and-away the best-selling rod … Orvis Clearwater Outfit ( $ 311 ) action fast. Fun blog quite nice his favorites, the Walker Lennox and Isacc Sharpes, of. Finest fly fishing experience FF806, both 6 weights Sharpes, both the hands! Johnson spin cast reel to cane, 2 piece, 1 tip, for 40 ago... Water like no other Premium value: Winston fly rods of all brands in fine a floating body for. I liked the East Branch rods better it sounds like a good line!